Pink Grapefruit from Carnarvon

The grapefruit, with its refreshingly bitter and tart taste, is a low calorie, beneficial to the body, citrus fruit. Larger than the orange and squat in shape, the grapefruit is available in varieties, mainly identified but colour (pink, red or white). Refreshing at any time of the day the fruit works fantastically in desserts, sorbets and in salads featuring savoury produce.

Recent varieties of pink and red grapefruit have re-launched a new taste of grapefruit into cafes, restaurants and our homes.  Not loosing the classic grapefruit zing, these new varieties are naturally sweeter and balance out the flavour on our palates.

The pinky/red colour comes from it’s lycopene content, which is a known anti-oxidant with cancer fighting properties.

West Australian grapefruits are available from March to December and are in abundance from March to August.

The growing regions in Western Australia are the Coral Coast, North West and the South West.

How to Prepare

Like the mandarin, the skin of the grapefruit is generally looser than other citrus fruits so it’s easier to peel.

To peel by hand pierce skin with thumbnail about 2cm below the stem mark. From here use your thumb to lift skin from fruit flesh.

The second method uses the same technique but replaces the thumb with the knife and spoon. Firstly cut the fruit with the knife just below the stem mark. Make sure the cut is wide enough to accommodate the tip of the spoon. Slide the spoon tip (face down) between the skin and flesh to lift skin. From here work around the fruit to remove all skin.

Grapefruit can also be juiced. The juice freezes well but not the whole fruit.

Tips and Hints

For breakfast cut through the widest point (middle) and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Serve with a small spoon to aid in scooping flesh out.

Click here for Grapefruit & Roasted Fennel Salad recipe


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